Supplying Demand WX08X10025 W10267701RP 25 Foot PEX Water Line

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  • Supplying Demand WX08X10025 W10267701RP 25 Foot PEX Water Line
  • Supplying Demand WX08X10025 W10267701RP 25 Foot PEX Water Line
  • Supplying Demand WX08X10025 W10267701RP 25 Foot PEX Water Line
  • Supplying Demand WX08X10025 W10267701RP 25 Foot PEX Water Line

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25-foot PEX line with built-in flare connections. Perfect water line for coiling behind a refrigerator, freezer, and/or tight space. This is the preferred water line to use over copper. Copper tends to oxidize over time and also is not friendly in kinks and/or tight spacing. With built-in flares, it is easy to install and quick to change out.

Do-It-Yourself Skill: Hard - (Requires technical knowledge or disassembly)

Compatible with many brands.

Alternate part numbers include: WX08X10025 W10267701RP

Models this item fits are : Contact customer service for model matches.

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