About Us & Donations


Who are we? We're the old service professionals who are tired of working with the OEM manufacturers. We're the part sales force that continues to provide top notch customer support and loyality to brands. However we've finally come to the end of that as we've learned over the years that OEM providers are only concerned about their control of the brand and want nothing to do with Small Business America.

Therefore we've taken up a stance to stand for Small Business America. Our promise to you today is providing you with cheap alternatives to solve the OEM breakdown problems. This way you can stay in business and/or make more in business. With our products we offer an OEM style warranty and customer service that OEM's wish they had. Be ready to meet the Small Business Brand of Supplying Demand.


Here @ Supplying Demand we believe in a connected world where we all help each other. In starting this 2018 brand we wanted there to be reason and cause for doing so. That's why 5% of all profits are donated to Direct Relief charities. These charities help domestically and internationally. Providing medical supplies, humantiarian relief, and life saving supplies to areas hit hard by catastrophic events. We thank you for helping us with this cause and will continue in support to keeping prices low and repairs ongoing forever.

Since Our 2018 Inception You've Helped Us Donate:

Check back soon for our weekly donation ticker which will be placed here and show real time donations throughout the year.


*To learn more about these charities please visit these links: